The Street People’s Forum

Formed in 2011 and officially recognised as an Non-Profit Organisation in 2012, the SPF meets monthly to co-ordinate the work of its member organisations around specific issues faced by people living on the street.

The SPF’s main objectives are:

  • to serve as a voice on issues that affect street-based people
  • to provide a forum for debate and policy formulation with regard to street-based people
  • to provide a range of collective policies and strategies for member organisations with regard to street-based people
  • to assist member organisations to develop standards and operational guidelines for their programmes


The work of the SPF is facilitated by it’s Convenor, Greg Andrews, who was appointed in June 2013. Greg comes to the SPF with a wealth of experience in social justice issues. Notably he worked with street children for 4 years in the 90′s and has always had a keen interest in the streets and the sub-cultures that define the people who make a living or live on them.