Access to City’s research

Last year the City of Cape Town’s Social and Early Childhood Development Department completed a metropole wide survey of street-based people and research into the nature of the problems street-based people face. This research also developed some theoretical frameworks in consultation with NGO partners. NGOs were initially reticent to participate but eventually did so on the assurance that the results of the research would be made available to the sector and public.


The SPF was assured that the research would be made available in full. To date the fullest publication of the research is the media release dated 6 August 2015, which you can read here: Enumeration 2015 Press Briefing. It is certainly interesting stuff.


But it is not the complete picture and there is a great deal of material in the research which would be valuable to us all. The SPF and others have requested the research but no answer has yet been forthcoming.

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