Articles of Interest: “No room for the homeless”

Here’s a great GroundUp article by┬áBernard Chiguvare who attended the CoCT Social Development Directorate’s media briefing on the street people survey 2 weeks ago. A great deal of work went into this article – proper journalism! It’s a worthwhile read.

Of interest to me is the contradiction between Suzette Little’s comments and those of prominent civil society heads. Her contention that the Directorate has a positive working relationship with it’s NGO partners doesn’t mesh with comments from the NGOs in the article. Significantly, Hassan Khan, CEO of the Haven Night Shelter Organisation, which has for many years been the Directorate’s principle NGO partner in delivering services to street-based people, had this to say: “The City is not doing enough intervention programs. We as an NGO are not aware of their programmes, which makes it difficult for us to work closely with the City.”

Mr Khan points to the central problem: the City’s Street People Programme was set up to enhance services for street-based people in the City, but its profoundly poor communication has made it one of the most difficult stakeholders to work with. This irony is made all the more stark by the good working relationships NGOs enjoy with other departments and officials in the City.

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