SPF Principles: Car Guards

i. Some people earn their income guarding cars.

ii. There are various levels of service in this informal industry making it difficult for car owners to evaluate whether to pay or how much is fair if they do.

iii. The SPF encourages car owners to use their discretion in evaluating this service. Here are some ideas about how to go about establishing your own principles for dealing with car guards:

• Enquire from your friends who are daily commuters. Many people have a regular parking spot and have befriended the local car guard over time. Arrangements between owners and guards can be very sophisticated indeed.

• If you’re parking in an unfamiliar area and don’t know the local car guards try this: when returning to your car, ask the car guard: “Which car is mine?” and if the car guard is able to correctly identify your car, you may feel more confident about the car guard’s service.


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