Convenor’s Thoughts: From park benches to changing the world…

On the benchShaun Shelly recently wrote an anonymous letter in response to the furor about the City’s street-people-proof park benches. The letter was published and read out on by John Maytham on Cape Talk. Most people (including the SPF Convenor, Greg Andrews!) thought it was fake. So Shaun came out and declared himself the author of the letter.

It’s an extraordinary story which you can read more about here on Shaun’s blog. At the bottom of the blog post, you’ll find further links to the various articles and other media coverage that Shaun received as a result of his letter.

Shaun has since become a valuable member of the SPF, contributing to our knowledge of drugs and substance use. In his own right, Shaun is working with various national and international stakeholders to change the way authorities, ngo’s and the public view substance use. If you’re interested in the addiction, you’ll find Shaun’s blog a useful resource.

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